Universal Swivel Tabletop TV Stand with Glass Base

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After placing your flat-panel TV on a lowboard, you may discover that the set just isn't high enough for comfortable viewing. Rather than replace the lowboard, you can increase the height in several ways to raise the screen to your preferred height. The main concern is making sure the base below the TV is stable so your expensive electronics won't tip over.

A table top TV stand provides a convenient, flexible solution for you to raising your TV for a comfortable viewing. It allows you to use existing furniture for your display without the need to purchase a full-scale TV stand or cabinet. The table top TV stand raises your screen to a comfortable viewing height above the tabletop while preserving your walls, ceilings, and furniture. Ideal for placement on low or sideboard, table, counter, or other television stand.

If you’re looking for a convenient and flexible way to get the most out of your television viewing experience, consider a TV swivel base from reflecta.

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