Full-Motion Corner TV Wall Mount

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It's not such a bad thing to place your television in a corner. It leaves the flow of the room uninterrupted while allowing you to enjoy movies from the sofa. It can save space, allow for more flexible furniture arrangements, and free up room for paintings, mirrors, and wall decor.

There are corner entertainment cabinet units that you can use, but there are fewer from which to choose than traditional rectangular ones. A better option? A full-motion TV mount. By pulling it away from the wall and swiveling it, the TV becomes a perfect fit in the corner. And you are not limited based on TV size either. The more extension you have on the TV mount, the larger the TV that you want to place in the corner can be. This is the perfect way to support your TV in the corner. Swing it out to whatever angle you'd like to watch it, then tuck it back when you're not using it. The mount also lets you tilt the TV up or down to help with that pesky glare problem.

There's a couple things that you should remember when you're installing your full-motion TV mount in the corner: Make sure you check the height and the distance -- this is going to majorly effect your comfort.

Another great thing about putting your TV in a corner is that you can easily place components behind your TV! All you need is an IR repeater and you can hide your power strip, cable box, Blu-ray, and Roku or Apple TV right behind your TV. Don't forget about wires – there are easy on-wall and in-wall solutions to hide those cables.

Corner-mounting your TV can be a beautiful thing. Make sure you check the size and weight of your TV, and find one that has the swivel and extension that you need.

Our reflecta FLEXO 55-4040TC provides a perfect solution for corner-mounting your TV. Besides, it also fits for curved TV:

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