Time travel for photo enthusiasts: The reflecta x-series scanners

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Digitisation made easy: stand-alone convenience

The x-series scanners work independently and do not require a computer. The display allows the user to see directly which area of the slide or negative is currently being scanned, whereby negatives are of course displayed directly as positive images. This stand-alone function makes the digitisation of negatives and slides an uncomplicated and intuitive process.

Colour control directly on the scanner

An outstanding feature of the reflecta X-series scanners is the ability to adjust the colours and brightness of the slides and negatives directly on the scanner. The colour display not only allows the scanning process to be monitored, but also manual colour correction, e.g. for faded films.

Uncomplicated operation without compromise

The enclosed holders for film strips and framed slides allow you to start scanning straight away. The digitised images can be saved on an SD card with up to 128 GB and transferred to a computer via the integrated USB interface at the simple press of a button. The scanning process only takes 1-2 seconds per image.

An affordable option for the photo enthusiast

The x-series scanners not only offer impressive performance, but are also attractively priced, especially for beginners. This feature makes them the ideal option for those looking to transfer their analogue treasures into the digital realm without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: Experience an effortless journey through time

The x22-Scan, x33-Scan and x66-Scan scanners from reflecta combine stand-alone convenience with ease of use, allowing you to travel back in time with ease. The ability to deliver brilliant results quickly and without a computer makes the devices a simple solution for anyone who wants to preserve and share their analogue treasures. Experience uncomplicated and fast digitisation with the reflecta x-series scanners and revive the magic of past moments.

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