TV ceiling mounts

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Typically found in retail or commercial applications, such as restaurants and bars, the TV ceiling mount is ideal in situations where a television works well when mounted near the ceiling or in places where wall space is limited.

Choose from a wide selection of ceiling mount solutions for your TV. To simplify the selection process, we have defined a few things to consider when selecting a TV Ceiling Mount.

1. Is my TV compatible with the Ceiling Mount I will choose:

Most manufacturers use a universal mounting pattern called VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) that allows the mounting of your TV to a TV mount. For this reason, it's important that you know what mounting pattern your TV has, and compare that with the mount specifications. No one wants to get their new mount, only to find out their TV won't mount to it.

2. Will the Ceiling Mount I choose accommodate the Size and Weight of my TV:

We have clearly listed the TV size and weight the mount will support. Most TVs are now widescreen and it's crucial to check the width parameters of the ceiling mount before purchasing. Same with weight, be sure to check the ceiling mount weight specifications before purchasing.

3. Will my ceiling need additional support to accommodate my Ceiling Mount:

It depends totally on the weight of the TV your ceiling mounting. Additional consideration is the location of the mount, for instance in the corner, along the wall or more in the middle of the room or space. Refer to the mount specifications for clarity on this matter.

To find out which reflecta TV ceiling mount can be used with your TV check the products below or by clicking the following link:

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