Full motion curved TV wall mounts

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Curved TVs were getting more and more focus in the past because of the entertainment experience they create. The TV screen is slightly curved so it enhances the visual perception of depth, creating a completely immersive experience.

We have been following this technology closely as it has become more and more popular. One thing you may not know, is how important it is to sit directly in front of the center of the screen, which is called a 'sweet spot'. If you sit off to the side the images may distort slightly because of the curvature of the screen.

You may be thinking: how do I get the very best view from my curved TV? We can help. Mount your curved TV on a full-motion wall mount. With these wall mounts, you can turn your curved TV to wherever you are sitting in the room, making every seat in the house the center seat in the house.

The following full motion wall mounts are compatible with Curved TVs:

23163 reflecta PLEXO Premium 80-6040T white

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23160 reflecta PLEXO 70-6040T

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23162 reflecta FLEXO 55-4040TC

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