Mounts for Desktop Monitors

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The standard feet supplied with most monitors are just standard. They usually allow a very limited range of movement and force you to sit in an uncomfortable position which can cause health problems. A professional monitor desk mount from reflecta is the answer.

Better ergonomics

reflecta's desk mounts can be adjusted to the perfect viewing height for you. They also allow you to adjust your monitors special positions to avoid reflected light. To make your work more comfortable and prevent health problems.

Free up working space

By elevating the monitor up off the work surface, the desk mount frees up the valuable working space directly, leaving you more room to do your work.

Flexible adjustments

The flexible monitor arm allows the monitor to be adjusted to every direction you like quickly and easily, ensuring users can work in ideal ergonomic conditions.
So, get a monitor desk mount and create an ergonomic working environment right now!
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