In-ceiling installation of screens in suspended ceilings

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Suspended ceilings are a popular choice in modern interiors, be it offices, homes or public facilities. They offer a variety of benefits including improved acoustics, hidden lighting options and the ability to discreetly hide cables and pipes. However, when it comes to integrating audiovisual systems, especially projection solutions, one of the most common choices is the use of projection screens. In this post we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of projection screens for installation in suspended ceilings.


Space saving:

A projection screen built into a suspended ceiling does not take up additional space. This is particularly beneficial in rooms with limited space, such as meeting rooms or home theaters.


By installing it in the ceiling, the projection screen remains hidden when not in use and does not disrupt the aesthetic appearance of the room. This allows for a clean and minimalist design.


Integrating a projection screen into a suspended ceiling can be seamlessly connected to other technical installations such as projectors, speakers and lighting systems to create an immersive audiovisual experience.


Projection screens for installation in suspended ceilings can be custom-made, allowing flexibility to adapt to the needs of the room. They are motorized to allow for easy entry and exit.


Installation difficulties:

Installing a projection screen in a suspended ceiling requires precise planning and installation to ensure it functions properly and is aesthetically pleasing. This can cause additional costs and effort.


Maintaining a projection screen built into the ceiling can be more difficult than freestanding or wall-mounted options. This can make regular maintenance difficult.


Projection screens for installation in suspended ceilings are usually more expensive than traditional projection screens due to the additional requirements for installation and integration into the ceiling structure.


Overall, suspended ceiling projection screens offer an elegant solution to indoor audiovisual needs. Their advantages in terms of aesthetics, space saving and functionality make them an attractive option for projects that require seamless integration of audiovisual systems into modern room designs. However, it is important to carefully consider the potential disadvantages in terms of installation, size, maintenance and cost to find the best solution for the specific needs of the space.

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