TV wall mounts

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To mount the TV on the wall may sound like a good idea when space is an issue. The TV wall mount offers options to place TV displays on the wall or at different angles so that to give consumers the best viewing experience and placement flexibility, rather than being set on a TV shelf, table or entertainment center fixedly. When purchasing a TV wall mount, consider the following tips.

1) VESA Compliance

To Choose the right TV mount bracket, firstly you should start with reviewing the user manual of your TV. If your TV is marked with "VESA mounting compliant," it is fitted with a VESA-compliant TV mount. While TVs without these standards may still adapt to the mount, however, an adapter plate is required.

The VESA is the distance between the four holes at the back of your TV, which is the place where the TV bracket will be attached. You can refer to the user manual or just by measuring it to find out your TV VESA size. As shown in the picture below, if the horizontal distance is 400mm and the vertical distance is 300mm, so the VESA size of your TV is 400x300.

2) Weight Supported

Maybe you are worried about whether the TV wall mount can hold the TV. To find out, you should check the tech specs to make sure the mount itself supports the allotted weight of the TV. Be sure to limit the weight of the TV in the max-weight capacity of the TV bracket.

3) Screen-size Supported

Some mounts have differently shaped VESA mounts depending on screen size. It's best to keep eyes on this as well.

4) Determine the Need for Flexibility

There are three main types of TV mount brackets for the consumer to consider - fixed, tilting, and full-motion. As the name implies, the fixed TV mount can’t be moving once installed. The tilt TV mount is suitable when you mount TV a little higher than the eye level. It can be tilted to get an optimum viewing angle. Last but not least, the full-motion TV mount is perfect when you need the most flexibility, which offers multiple viewing angles.

5) Cable Management

Lastly, no one likes ugly hanging wires, so it may be wise to consider some cable management.

As a professional supplier for TV mounts, reflecta offers a wide range of highly-rated TV brackets to fit any of your mounting needs. From the fixed TV wall mount, tilt TV wall mount, and full-motion TV wall mount, ceiling TV mount and even TV stands, you can always find what you need.

If you are searching for a mounting solution that can perfectly fit a TV into a limited space while getting a wider viewing angle, the full-motion TV wall mount FLEXO 55-4040TC can be an ideal choice. It can be mounted directly in the corner of the room with its’ unique backplate design.

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