TV cable management

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Seeing a screen mounted on a perfect wall with all the wires hanging in a tangled mess is an annoying thing. The whole point of mounting the TV is to have your TV look like piece of art on the wall!
For the easiest possible way to hide your wires, you can use an on-wall cable management system or a conduit beneath the TV wall mount to hide the cables.

Today there are so many amazing options for media rooms but the TV is still the focal point. With TVs getting lighter and thinner, we are going to be able to do so much more in the way we mount them, but it will still be awhile before we can get rid of our cables. Until then – find a way to hide them. The options are relatively inexpensive and provide a sleek, clean look. Whatever you do, make sure that mounts are selected properly, and cables are run neatly.
If you want to use a full motion wall mount, make sure to look out for the possibility of cable management.

You can check our full motion wall mounts with cable management below or by clicking the following link:

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