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Scanning DIAs with the DigitDia Evolution

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In many storage lockers and attics, thousands of slides from the old days are still lying in wait to be rescued for the digital age.

With the innovative DigitDia evolution magazine scanner, even large quantities of these small works of art can be preserved for the future with little effort. With the DigitDia evolution, not only can the entire slide archive be digitised directly from the magazines, but the slides can also be viewed directly on the integrated 7" IPS display (17.8 cm).

Operating the slide scanner, which does its work completely independently of a computer, is child's play. The high scanning quality and speed is guaranteed by an innovative CMOS image sensor. The diffuse daylight LED light source ensures optimal colour reproduction while reducing dust and scratches. Corrections to colour and exposure can be made either automatically or manually.

Both playback and digitisation of slides can be done manually or automatically. The automatic scanning of a complete magazine of 50 slides is done in only four minutes in best resolution, with the digital images being stored directly on an SD card (up to 128 GB). This means that the scanning speed for a single slide is less than five seconds. 35mm slides with all common frames can be used in Universal, CS or LKM magazines.

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