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reflecta RPS 10M
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reflecta ProScan 10T
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reflecta LED RPL 21 PhoneTab-Light
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reflecta PLEXO 100-9060T
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Studio Flashkit

DigiMicroscope Vario

Presently not on stock.
The appealing table microscope DigiMicroscope Vario can change quickly by simply turning the lens turret between magnifications of 100 to 600 -fold.
Using reflected or transmitted light, preparations and surfaces can be inspected directly on the PC, tablet or smartphone. Photos can be taken individually or in programmable intervals. The possibility to shot a video is also available.
The device is very versatile and can e.g. be used for examining the smallest objects or surfaces. Fields of application are, for example, research, study, school, work, leisure and hobby.
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Code  66145
Fileinfo Date Download
Ref, Digital-Prosp_D 0816_P
2016-08-31 Ref, Digital-Prosp_D 0816_P.pdf
8,4 MB
Ref, Digital-Prosp_E 0816_P
2016-08-31 Ref, Digital-Prosp_E 0816_P.pdf
8,4 MB
66145_Datenblatt DigiMicroscope Vario_deutsch
2017-02-16 66145_Datenblatt DigiMicroscope Vario_deutsch.pdf
433 KB
66145_Datenblatt DigiMicroscope Vario_englisch
2017-02-16 66145_Datenblatt DigiMicroscope Vario_englisch.pdf
216 KB
Software Xploview Windows
2020-01-28 xploview v3.3.31.exe
9,6 MB
Software Xploview Mac
2020-01-28 xploview_v3.3.31.pkg
9,7 MB

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