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reflecta RPS 10M
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reflecta ProScan 10T
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reflecta LED RPL 21 PhoneTab-Light
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reflecta PLEXO 100-9060T
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Studio Flashkit



With the new reflecta x120 it is now possible to scan mediumformats fast and directly on a SD-Card.

reflecta x120 is a stand-alone device which you can use everytime at any place you are.

The scanner works with a 14 megapixel sensor and stores the images on a SD-Card as JPEG format.

The holder which is sent with the scanner takes the following midformats: 6x4,5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8 and 6x9. It has never been that easy and fast to scan mediumformat.

EUR 229.00
plus shipment
incl. 19% VAT, plus 8 € shipping costs (International delivery will raise shipping cost)
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Code  64385
Fileinfo Date Download
2018-09-13 RF-KAT-Filmscanner-DE-08-2018-Web.pdf
17,2 MB
2018-09-13 RF-KAT-Filmscanner-EN-09-2018-Web.pdf
15,2 MB
Reflecta x120_German manual
2016-02-02 Reflecta x120_German manual.pdf
1,6 MB
Reflecta x120_English manual
2016-02-02 Reflecta x120_English manual.pdf
1,5 MB
64385_x120 Datenblatt_deutsch
2016-02-02 64385_x120 Datenblatt_deutsch.pdf
475 KB
64385_x120 Data Sheet_english
2016-02-02 64385_x120 Data Sheet_english.doc
2,1 MB
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