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reflecta x8-Scan


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Due to the application of a high performance CMOS image sensor with 1800 dpi (3600 dpi interpolated) and a color depth of 24 Bit, the reflecta x8-Scan achieves very good scans.

The CMOS image sensor makes it possible to reach an extreme fast scanning speed of 2 seconds. Quick Connecting using USB 2.0; no additional power adaptor required.

For better scan results we suggest our cleaning products. These products are located in category "Cleaning" or directly below the scanner itself.

Code  64280
Fileinfo Date Download
2018-09-13 RF-KAT-Filmscanner-DE-08-2018-Web.pdf
17,2 MB
2018-09-13 RF-KAT-Filmscanner-EN-09-2018-Web.pdf
15,2 MB
user manual x8-Scan german
2014-01-30 Reflecta x8-Scan Manual (DE).pdf
741 KB
user manual x8-Scan english
2014-01-30 Reflecta x8-Scan Manual (EN).pdf
561 KB
user manual x8-Scan spanish
2014-01-30 Reflecta x8-Scan Manual (ES).pdf
718 KB
user manual x8-Scan french
2014-01-30 Reflecta x8-Scan Manual (FR).pdf
765 KB
user manual x8-Scan italian
2014-01-30 Reflecta x8-Scan Manual (IT).pdf
717 KB
user manual x8-Scan dutch
2014-01-30 Reflecta x8-Scan Manual (NL).pdf
740 KB


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