reflecta RPS 10M
reflecta RPS 10M
reflecta ProScan 10T
reflecta ProScan 10T
reflecta LED RPL 21 PhoneTab-Light
reflecta LED RPL 21 PhoneTab-Light
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reflecta PLEXO 100-9060T
Studio Flashkit
Studio Flashkit

reflecta LED VisiLux® Zoom, Display with 12 pcs.

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Modern LED-TORCH Light with Power-LED-Technology, 3 Light Levels and
Zoom function. The sturdy construction and the handy size allow a universal use
of the VisiLux® Zoom.
Optimal Illuminance during the whole Battery Lifetime and no changing of burnt
out Bulbs are key benefits of the reflecta LED VisiLux® Zoom compared with
conventional Halogen-Torch Light.

EUR 21.90
plus shipment
incl. 19% VAT, plus 8 € shipping costs (International delivery will raise shipping cost)
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Fileinfo Date Download
RZ_Videoleuchten_Katalog 2018_D_web
2018-08-17 RZ_Videoleuchten_Katalog 2018_D_web.pdf
38,5 MB
RZ_Videoleuchten_Katalog 2018_GB_web
2018-08-17 RZ_Videoleuchten_Katalog 2018_GB_web.pdf
38,4 MB
Data sheet German
Data sheet for reflecta LED VisiLux® Zoom in German
2011-07-15 Prospekt_LED VisiLux Zoom_20354_deutsch.pdf
1,0 MB
Data sheet English
Data sheet for reflecta LED VisiLux® Zoom in English
2011-07-15 Prospekt_LED VisiLux Zoom_20354_english.pdf
1,0 MB
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