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With the new reflecta DigiCassette, you can digitise old music cassettes, be it audio books or cassettes you recorded yourself.

The tape player is connected to a computer via the USB 2.0 port. Using professional music software, the tracks are converted into MP3 format.

Subsequent corrections are possible to remove side noises or sound defects.

EUR 33.90
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incl. 19% VAT, plus 8 € shipping costs (International delivery will raise shipping cost)
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Fileinfo Date Download
Audio und- Videodigitalisierung Flyer V 09_12
2012-09-13 Audio und- Videodigitalisierung Flyer V 09_12.pdf
534 KB
Audio- and Digitizationflyer english V 09_12
2012-09-13 Audio- and Digitizationflyer english V 09_12.pdf
533 KB
user manual reflecta DigiCassette german
2011-06-08 Bedienungsanleitung reflecta DigiCassette deutsch.pdf
1,6 MB
user manual reflecta DigiCassette english
2011-08-31 Bedieungsanleitung DigiCassette englisch.pdf
1,8 MB
Datasheet DigiCassette german
2016-09-16 66123_Datenblatt_DigiCassette_deutsch.pdf
167 KB
Datasheet DigiCassette english
2016-09-16 66123_Datenblatt_DigiCassette_english.pdf
163 KB
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