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Studio Flashkit

TV Stand Elegant 65W



Easel Studio TV Floor Tripod Stand

For Most 50''-65'' Flat Panel TVs


With its distinctive design, the studio TV floor stand can be integrated into any given house decor with its wood leg infusing the house with warmth, simplicity and elegance.



  • Snap Lock: Easy and quick TV assembly
  • Special Swivel Ability: Supports flexible viewing angle and enough space for maintenance
  • Cable Management: Keeps the cables organized
  • Rubber Pads: Prevent slipping and floor-scratching
  • Anti-Tip TV Safety Strap: Prevents TV tip-over and ensures safety



Powder coated steel, walnut wood, Aluminum, Plastic



Fit Screen Size:

50"-65" (127-165 cm)


300x300, 300x200, 200x200, 400x400, 400x200, 400x300

Weight Capacity:


Swivel Range:


Direction Indicator:


Cable Management:


Content of delivery:

TV Stand, mounting material, user manual

reflecta Presents a Modern,  Swiveling, Wooden Three-legged Easel TV Stand „Elegant 65W“


+++ The fancy walnut wood makes the design elegant and warm +++ for flat screens from 50” up to 65” +++ swivel angle from +70° to -70° +++ stepless height adjustment +++ for private and commercial use +++ max. Carrying load 35 kg +++ VESA-Standard up to 400 x 400 +++ cable organizer  +++ anti-tilt safety lock +++

A free-standing and elegant TV stand is perfect for positioning and incorporating a large flat screen into any exclusive ambience such as conference halls, lobbies, offices and living rooms.
Reflecta introduces an elegant easel design with three fancy wood legs. The „TV Stand Elegant 65W” adds warmth and charm to any room. It’s built out of an attractive combination of powder-coated steel, walnut wood, aluminum, and plastic. The three modern tapered walnut wood legs fit into every interior design and highlight the personal taste of the head of the house. In contrast to the futuristic display, the fancy wood seems warm and appealing.
Reflecta’s TV stand Elegant 65W fulfils every requirement for a smooth assembly of TVs size 50“ – 65“ and includes the VESA-standards 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300 and 400x400. The screen attached to the stand can be swiveled from +70° to -70° and is easily adjustable in height, making the viewing angle vertically and horizontally flexible.
An integrated latch (Snap-Lock-Design) ensures a fast and easy installation of the screen. The maximal carrying load of the reflecta TV Stand Elegant 65W is 35 kg. An integrated cable organizer hides the cables and ensures a clean look. Rubber cushions on the feet avoid scratches on the floor or slipping of the stand. An anti-tip safety lock avoids tip-over of the stand and ensures the safety of playing children.

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