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Mount your TV on the wall

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Mount for Safety

In fact, many of us overlook the potential danger of top heavy furniture or electronics tipping over, which can cause property damage, personal injury or even death. Mounting your TV is a safe and secure way to prevent accidental bumping and avoid injury.

Mount for Performance

Get the most out of your TV by mounting it on the wall for optimal performance. When in use, the TV can swivel, extend and tilt, making it ideal for interactive games or for homemakers who habitually rearrange the furniture.

Mount for more Space

You can free up valuable space on top of furniture or remove your furniture altogether for a clean, modern look in any room.

Check out the reflecta TV wall mounts below or by clicking the following links:

Fixed TV wall mounts:

Tilting TV wall mounts:

Swiveling full motion wall mounts:

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